Tree Trunk is part of something bigger, part of an overall concept, an idea. It’s an ecosystem of cannabis accessories created with imagination, ingenuity and innovation. From the unique concept down to the details, our products are about more than just cannabis. They are created as a focal point for conversation, integral to the moment, and part of the memory. Serving as a daily reminder that joy lives in small spaces, waiting not just to be felt but to be created.
Through our products, our brand, and all of our work; we seek to inspire joyful moments in the everyday lives of others. Tree Trunk was born from the concept that life is meant to be enjoyed with intention and purpose. Joy is a state of mind, an attitude, an overall sense of worthiness and belonging.
A lifestyle brand first and cannabis brand second, Tree Trunk is for those who seek not only to experience the beauty in the world but to enjoy it. All of our products are created with an attention-to-detail worthy of even your most precious moments. It’s an expression of our connection to the community, our creativity, and our passion for fulfilling our mission.
We have partnered with Canada Helps by donating to charities doing critical work to help ensure those who need help can access the support they need. Giving the people in our communities the knowledge and resources needed to recognize, advocate for, and support mental health. Many struggle in silence due to the stigma surrounding mental illness, while others who need help don’t have any place to turn. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to Canada Helps in support of mental health. Together, we can make a difference.
We convey a laid back life-style, not caring too much about facts and figures but more on creating truly desirable products that reflect the passion of the company. We go by our own rules and don't explain everything to everybody, staying mysterious and creating things in our own unique way.